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"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly"

- Richard Bach, Illusions


Over the past year (s) many people have been going through challenging changes and periods of wild uncertainty (including me.)


It is said that "The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of convenience and comfort, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy."


The perspectives here are designed to help you consider that all of this change and challenge is unleashing the very best version of you that has been waiting to be revealed.


When I think about Bach’s words, they often grant me comfort, and the courage to face the changes and challenges one moment—one breath—at a time. These words encapsulate the essence of transformation and perspective.


At first glance, change can appear daunting, even catastrophic. The caterpillar, confined within its chrysalis, may perceive the process of metamorphosis as the ultimate demise. It knows nothing of butterflies—it simply feels it’s dying.


Yet, it is within this very cocoon that profound transformation occurs. Emerging as a butterfly, the once-grounded creature now soars through the skies with newfound freedom and grace.


Similarly, in life, transitions often signify endings, prompting fear and uncertainty.


However, embracing change with the wisdom of the master unveils unforeseen possibilities and beauty. What may seem like the end of one chapter is merely the beginning of another, richer one.


Just as the caterpillar's struggle yields wings, our challenges can lead to growth and enlightenment.


So—moment by moment, breath by breath—let us embrace change not as an end, but as a gateway to metamorphosis and the realization of our fullest potential.


Hang on—keep going—take a breath and put one foot in front of the other. That’s all that’s required to move from darkness into light. You may be one breath away from the end of the struggle—and what lies on the other side of struggle is often a new experience of freedom!


And, like for the butterfly, this is the gift of your struggle.



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