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Leaders are Made, Not Born










​We all know the type—the “born leaders”. Those who have that “special something.” Those who are “going places”, have “high potential”, or are “rising stars/rock stars.”


Well, here’s a reality check: “Born Leaders” is a myth!


There are no born leaders. Leaders are developed, not born.


While it’s true that some find and develop their individual leadership style earlier in their careers than others—leading to clear and confident self-leadership—to assume that “some have it and some don’t” is one way that your organization is failing itself and failing its people.


The truth is, leadership does not belong to the special few—that some are born with the “leadership gene”, and some born without it. With the right support, individual leadership can be developed in anyone!


That’s where Leadership Development comes in.








Your Role as a Leader


You are a leader in your organization—President/CEO, Board Member, C-Suite executive, Senior Manager. You enjoy a challenge, so you take on the added responsibility of managing the performance of others to grow and maximize results; the lifeblood of your company.


Your organization hires a mix of select, self-identified “high performers” and a larger pool of “performers.” Your executives seek to maximize the high performers (secretly fearing that their high performers might jump ship leaving them with a team of performers) and—rather than develop—demand, cajole or bargain with the performers to be more like the high performers.


The Leadership Challenge


As a leader, you may often find yourself feeling stuck between two bad choices—sacrifice potential long-term results by investing your time into developing a team of leaders, or fruitlessly demand, cajole or bargain with your team to become high performers. And both options exhaust and frustrate you.


But what if there was a third option?

One where you could experience greater effectiveness in your own role as a leader. And, simultaneously, achieve this effectiveness without undue stress, exhaustion and frustration.


An option whereby you and your organization are free to create the greater results that it seeks, while operating with efficiency that creates stability and sustainability.


That’s where Leadership Coaching comes in.






The Leadership Solution


What many organizations lack—and most need—is the proper framework for identifying and maximizing each individual’s leadership style, and developing a platform for each leader to work synergistically within the whole organization, to create maximum results.


Now we are not talking about optional soft-skills assessment—we are talking about essential, tactical assessments of the strengths-utilization for your team that has a direct, real effect on the results for your organization.


The truth for many organizations—perhaps yours—is that identifying and maximizing is where the breakdown exists, not in the individual. If anything, leadership failures cause failed leadership development.


Just as your results require you to develop your team’s individual leadership skill, their results require you to develop your individual leadership style as well.


The good news is that it’s a fairly simple fix—if you are willing.



Maximizing Results, One Leader at a Time


There are no shortcuts here—developing leadership to maximize results requires investment of time, energy, attention and financial resources, and one-on-one coaching. The result, however, can dramatically change the trajectory of your organization.










The Leadership Opportunity


I don’t know for certain that I can help you face the leadership challenge—I won’t know that until you contact me to set up a complimentary conversation to discuss where you are, where you want to go, and what’s in the way.


What I am certain of, based on many years of seeing it (and living it) across dozens of industries on three continents, is that you can increase impact and organizational sustainability via leadership coaching.


I welcome the opportunity to show you how.



Brian Evans Coaching

Guiding Executives, Board Members and Leaders

to solve essential problems and create dynamic growth.

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