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Through the Open Doorways: Four Steps to Having What You Truly Want

Fours Steps to Having What You Truly Want - Strategies from Brian Evans Coaching Los Angeles Personal Coaching Practice

I know what you want.

There’s really no need to tell me what you want (“what you really, really want!”)

Not what you say you want. Not the “things” that you want.

Instead, what you truly want in your quietest moments, your darkest nights, your joyous occasions, your silent prayers, and your moments of terrifying uncertainty. The truth of what you want.

You seek what is already present. You seek good that is already yours.

The Wanting

Each of us is seeking more…to experience greater peace, love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, inspiration, beauty, creativity, kindness, compassion and freedom.

The “Grand Illusion” is that these experiences are somehow outside of ourselves—that they exist like brass rings, just beyond our reach. Or that they are blocked from us behind locked doors and walls.

They are not, and never have been. They lie within. And this, beloveds, is a very, very good thing!

Through the Open Doorways

Spiritually our growing steps are like walking a path through a series of doorways. To move forward, we must open the doors and walk through.

The secret is that the doors are unlocked.

Many of us only see the doors and stop ourselves, never considering that the door is unlocked the whole time!

The Everpresent Sun

You are not, and never have been, cut off from your good. Instead, the dust and grit from in your life has simply obscured your awareness of what lies within; like the clouds obscure the everpresent sun in storm. The sun is always present, even in the storm.

Your peace, your joy, your love, your freedom is always present, even in the storm!

And so, I know what you want. What you want is not to acquire what you want. Rather, what you really want is to experience more of what is already, everpresent—greater peace, love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, inspiration, beauty, creativity, kindness, compassion and freedom

Four Steps to Having What You Truly Want

So, how do you experience more good? Adopt these four steps:

(1) Recognize that, like the everpresent sun, your good is always within, never without and absolutely never held by another

(2) Turn your attention to what obscures your view/experience of your everpresent good in service to seeing that these hindrances, obstacles are temporary—like the mists passing before the autumn moon

(3) Attune your senses to the good that you seek to experience more of, and begin to see through and beyond the mists, embracing your good as your birthright

(4) Be grateful for the good now as you set your intention to welcome greater experience of it into your life

You are ready to thrive my friends. Choose today to step through the unlocked doors...through the clinging mists…and into the joy of your everpresent good!


Seeking a greater experience of your good in some area of your life? Contact me via email or click here, and let's schedule a complimentary, confidential coaching session to shift the trajectory of your life.



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