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In the ever-competitive effort to do good, many nonprofit Executive Directors and Board members forget the golden rule when it comes to donor/prospect relations:

It's not about their money. It's about what THEY make possible.

It's understandable. You're a great organization full of great people dedicated to an inspiring mission to do good for many. Of course donors should be falling all over themselves to support you! In fact, if Bill Gates and Oprah knew about all the good that you do, they would write massive checks to your NPO!

Breathe. And take one step back.

All of what I've just stated may be unequivocally true. But there's still a gap in most organizations' thinking: they are still thinking about themselves (and their organization's needs) first, and then the donor.

Donors are willing to give. They truly WANT to support organizations that align with their personal interests for how they can make the world a better place. But, before you ASSUME that your organization is a match for their interests, have the foresight and respect to ASK them what their interests are, and then see if you are a match.

If you are a match, CONGRATULATIONS, NOW begin your moves-management process.



Once you have a donor on board, always remember that THEY are the source of the good that your organization is doing!

You may have the specific expertise--expertise that they are empowering through their financial support and their advocacy--but without donor support and advocacy you simply have a disempowered, inspired mission.

So, be certain that you communications are donor-focused; that they tell the story of how the DONOR is making the world better, not how your organization is making the world better.

If you or your organization struggles to create truly donor-centric communications, contact me to explore how small shifts might yield powerful growth in how you serve your mission! @BrianEvansCoach

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