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As a business coach and consultant to pre-launch, launch-phase, growth-phase, and choice- (reinvention) phase businesses, Brian Evans Coaching draws on more than two decades of experience in the nonprofit, B2B, and consumer sales sectors partnering with hundreds of clients, donors, sponsors, customers, and board members to magnify each organization's ability to achieve high-level performance, while also making the world a better place.


  •   Pre-Launch, Launch-, and Growth-Phase Business Coaching

  •   Board Formation & Assessment

  •   Board Development Training

  •   Campaign Feasibility Studies

  •   Campaign Plan Design

  •   Capacity Readiness Assessment

  •   Case for Support Statement Development

  •   Critical Six Factors analysis

  •   Culture Curation Training for Organization Leadership

  •   Development Operations and Performance Assessment

  •   Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Training

  •   Fundraising (Solicitation) Training

  •   Nonprofit Business Growth Strategy

  •   Principle-Centered Leadership Training


To explore how Brian Evans Coaching can empower your organization to uncommon success via Business Consulting, click the button below to schedule a complimentary 60-minute Consultation.

Business Consulting

Brian Evans Coaching Nonprofit Consulting in Los Angeles, CA, USA empowers Extraordinary Organizations, Executive Directors, Executives, Leaders, Board Members, Committee Members, Task Forces, and Volunteers to strategically increase donors, philanthropic giving, fundraising, advancement, development, cultivation, solicitations, board and staff efficiency, productivity and effectiveness, financial stability and growth, and mission-focus.
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