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VISION 20/20

A Six-Week Goal-Setting and Achievement Course
January 14, 2020 - February 18, 2020
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New Year  •  New Decade

What Do You Want To Create?

The Challenge

​It’s okay to say it: You want MORE.


You want more out of 2020 than you received in 2019.


You want to have more, do more, be more, and experience more.


And, you can. IF you do something different than you did in 2019.

The Missing Pieces


Right now, you have the power to have more. It is right on the other side of an invisible doorway. But sometimes it feels like you struggle to open that door, and find your way to what you want.


The truth is, the only want to enter that doorway is to solve a math problem: V + S + S = P .


Vision + Strategies + Support = Plan


Without all three elements, you do not have a true, viable plan—instead, your plan is a wish or a want.


With all three elements, you can have what you want. This course will help you to solve that problem.

The Solution

Introducing Vision 20/20—a goal-setting  and achievement workshop to inspire and empower you to succeed in the New Year, and beyond!

This six-session course will combine specific, proven goal-setting practices with essential coaching support, to help you envision, design, refine and successfully reach your goalseven if you have tried and failed to do so in the past.

This interactive course is offered live via Zoom* teleconference so that you can conveniently and easily participate from your home or office using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


And, if you miss a live class, don't worry—you will receive a link to the video recording and worksheets to review at your convenience!

Who are you?
  • Life Coaching Clients: You are just like me—someone looking to live a great life, who can use a set of strategies and practices to get from where you are to where you want to go. Most often, you are looking to focus in the areas of health, career, finances, relationship, or life transitions

  • Business Owners: You are a business owner like me. You have a dream to create financial freedom and impact by offering your unique value—your product or service. Most often you are looking to focus on your business' pre-launch (start-up), launch, and growth-phase goals

  • Executives/Managers/Board Members: You are a leader like me. You have the gift and the burden of leading yourself and others to grow ideas, manage resources, resolve issues, and see the future through a combination of optimism tempered by realism. Most often you are looking to focus on defining and refining vision, efficiently and effectively leading individuals and groups, and maximizing the talent and resources you possess

  • Coaches/Consultants: You are a coach/consultant like me. You live to give, love serving others, welcome providing expertise, and support others to find solutions to the challenges they face. Most often you are looking to focus on your principles of entrepreneurship, client engagement and enrollment, and revenue growth


If you can see yourself in any of these descriptions, this course is for you!
Why This Course?

As mentioned, a successful plan requires three elements: Vision, Strategies, and Support. This course provides you with all three elements so that you move beyond simple year-end goal-setting into creating a clearly defined, well-supported plan in areas that are important to you.


In addition, you will receive real-time coaching support during the critical first month of the year, when breakdowns tend to derail most individuals away from their intentions for the year.

At the completion of the course, you will have:


  • A clear vision and detailed goal plan for 2020 for one or more areas of your life

  • An understanding of why you might have struggled and/or failed at goal-attainment in the past

  • Access to resources that facilitate simple actions and ongoing self-support to meet your goals

  • Individualized group coaching from a certified goal-setting master coach

  • A community of peer-supporters you can lean into for support and accountability

  • Ongoing unlimited access to video recordings and worksheets via Dropbox

Course outline:
  • Session #1:  Introduction Vision & Goals – Why & What

  • Session #2:  Refining Your Goals – Commitments vs. Interest

  • Session #3:  Building the Foundations for Success

  • Session #4:  Breakdowns

  • Session #5:  Clarifying your Commitments

  • Session #6:  Growth Mindset – Good, Better, Best


Registration includes:
  • Six (6) 60-minute classes

  • 55-page Goal Success Workbook

  • Real-time, individualized group coaching support

  • Printable Goal Success tools, exercises and worksheets

  • One (1) complimentary 30-minute coaching session with a certified master coach

Course dates—six Tuesdays:
  • January 14

  • January 21

  • January 28

  • February 4

  • February 11

  • February 18

Two sessions to choose from**:
  • Mid-day:  12:00-1:00 p.m. Pacific
  • Evening:  6:00-7:00 p.m. Pacific


* Zoom is an excellent video conferencing service, available at no charge to participants.

You can download the app to your computer or device at

**Enrollment is limited to 20 participants in mid-day session and 20 participants in the evening session.

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